Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few Photos From Independence, MO

 Mel at a stop while crossing over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, driving to Independence, MO on December 26th.

Michelle at the same stop on the mountain pass in Colorado.

Some of the sister missionaries at the Independence Visitor's Center, just prior to leaving the Center at the 9:00 pm closing.

 Sister Michelle Pyne and Elder Mel Pyne standing in front of the Christus in the Independence Visitor's Center.

A few of the sister missionaries singing hymns while they wait for other sister missionaries to arrive for evening prayer at the Independence Visitor's Center.  The sisters have beautiful voices that caused us to ask "Do you need to audition to be called to the Independence Visitor's Center?"  There are seven sets of sisters assigned to the Independence Visitor's Center.  When they are not serving in the Center, they do full proselyting in an assigned area around Independence and Kansas City.  All of them gather at the close of the evening to the Visitor's Center for prayer.

All seven sets of sister missionaries who serve at Independence Visitor's Center.

The same sister missionaries being fun-loving and silly (which they are certainly capable of being).


  1. Awesome! Keep the pictures coming, we love them!

  2. Looks like there's some fun thrown in there at times :) Glad you're loving it! We love your emails too.

  3. That is a beautiful picture of you two by the Christus! It is great to see the sister missionaries also. Can you post a picture of the outside of the Visiors Center?