Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 2014 in Missouri

The winter months in Missouri are typically cold, windy, and snowy.  The last two winters we have had major snow storms in March.  This past week the temperatures have been in single digits or below zero.  Also during the winter months, the number of guests coming to the visitor centers declines significantly.  There are between 200-400 guests per day during the summer months, between 100-200 per day during spring and fall, and less than a 100 per day during winter.  In total we serve approximately 60,000 guests per year at both Independence Visitor Center and Historic Liberty Jail.  We are looking forward to spring weather, for the warm temperatures and for more guests to the visitor centers!  This photo is from the backside (south side) of the Independence Visitor Center.

This photo is of property owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, further on the south side of the Independence Visitor Center.  The Church owns 20 acres around the Visitor Center.

The east side of the Independence Visitor Center, with the Community of Christ temple to the north.

A group photo of Sister Missionaries at the Brenchley's home, after a pancake breakfast on February 25, 2014.

A photo we sent to Sister Allie Howe in California, for the celebration of her 20th birthday on her mission.  Happy birthday Hermana Howe!  In the photo, left to right, are:  Sister Forbush, Sister Fenzualida, Sister Morris, Sister Pyne, Elder Pyne, Sister Hansen, and Sister Gunter.

Elder and Sister Stevenson, who have returned home to Alpine, Utah, Sister Heylen, Sister Rogers, Sisters Hunter, Sister Zito, Sister Pyne, and Elder Pyne, at the Hallmark Visitor Center in the Crown Center of downtown Kansas City.  Hallmark is a major employer in Kansas City.

Sister Zito, Sister Hunter, Sister Rogers, and Sister Heylen, at the Fritz Railroad Cafe.

A selfie of Sister Heylen in the back of our Ford Explorer driving home from a P-day visit to Kansas City.

Sister Rogers on the same trip.

Sister Heylen, from Sacramento, California, who we served with for many months in the Independence 1st Ward and Independence Visitor Center.  She now serves at the Historic Liberty Jail. 

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