Friday, May 17, 2013

May 2013 Photos

Sister Rogers standing under the Rogers Street sign in Independence.  We took this photo on the way home from a teaching appointment with Sister Rogers and Sister Lettig, who are the sister missionaries currently serving in the Independence 1st Ward with us.

Malcolm ("Milk") Weston is a recent convert to the Church, who we have become acquainted with through his frequent visits to the Independence Visitor's Center over the past few months.  He is an incredible young man who has overcome gang activity, drug use, gun shot wounds, and homelessness to change his life and pursue a happier course for his future.  He still has a long way to go, but he is on the right path.

Michelle worked with Governor Norm Bangerter when he was governor for the State of Utah in the early 1980's.  Norm and his new wife, Judy, visited the Historic Liberty Jail when we were on shift.  We later saw both of them at Adam-Ondi-Ahman when we were visiting there with two senior couples and a group of sister missionaries. 

Eating at the Cheesecake Factory in the Country Club Plaza district of Kansas City, MO, with (from left to right) Sister Pyne, Sister Call from southern California, Sister Morris from Utah, Sister Zito from Utah, and Sister Ogletree from Texas, and Elder Pyne.  This photo was taken after a medical appointment for Sister Call.  She had been diagnosed with a brain aneurism and had been referred to a specialist at St. Luke's Medical Center.  She had requested a priesthood blessing from me a few days prior, and received very good news when she met with the doctor.  The aneurism requires no intervention at this time, so she will be able to complete her mission, which is her greatest desire.

Sister Call and Sister Zito wearing matching outfits they had purchased the day before while shopping in the Country Club Plaza district (just prior to our dinner at the Cheesecake Factory).

Overlooking a large valley at Adam-Ondi-Ahman, located approximately 90 miles north of Independence, MO in northwestern Missouri.  The Church owns close to 4,000 acres of beautiful rolling hills, tree-lined streams, wooded areas, and fertile plains, just south of Jameson, a tiny town in northwestern Missouri.  These acres comprise Adam-Ondi-Ahman, where grand events associated with the Second Coming of Christ will occur.

This is a photo of a small trailer, located behind the line of trees, where First Presidency members and other general authorities for the Church stay when they visit Adam-Ondi-Ahman.  These modest accommodations manifest the humility of the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The sister missionaries singing the hymn "Adam-Ondi-Ahman" on "Preacher's Hill" where Joseph Smith would preach to the early Latter-day Saints when they lived at the settlement of Spring Hill, within what is now designated as Adam-Ondi-Ahman.

The acoustics in this valley below "Preacher's Hill" were amazing.  You could hear very clearly a quiet voice at a distance of 50-75 yards.

 Sister and Elder Pyne standing behind "Preacher's Rock" in the same vicinity.

 Sister Pyne and Elder Pyne standing on "Tower Hill" in Adam-Ondi-Ahman.

The property in the distance is the highest elevation in Adam-Ondi-Ahman, where if a temple was built you would have a 360 degree panoramic view of the countryside around you.  The early Latter-day Saints contemplated building a temple in Adam-Ondi-Ahman before they were expelled from the State of Missouri in 1839.

Michelle reading a plaque in the area depicting the temple lot dedicated in Far West, MO in the mid-1830's.  The four corners of the temple lot are preserved in this small park.

The memorial for the temple lot in Far West, MO, where approximately 5,000 saints were driven from their homes in early 1839, as a result of the Extermination Order by Governor Lilburn Boggs, governor of the State of Missouri at the time. 

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