Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More May 2013 Photos

I was able to baptize Skye Nicole McNack after Michelle and I and the Sister Missionaries worked with her family to become active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Michelle and I were able to team-up with Sister Rogers and Sister Lettig to teach Rashida Maghinay.  Rashida is holding her 7-month old daughter, Zira, in this photo.  Rashida's mother is from Columbia and her father is from Pakistan, so she has a unique ethnic background.  Rashida was baptized on May 25, 2013.

 Michelle at the Kaufmann Memorial Gardens in Kansas City, MO.

 Mel at the Kaufmann Gardens.

Another photo from Kaufmann Gardens, which is located just south of the Nelson-Atkin Art Museum, near the Country Club Plaza district of downtown KC, MO.

Some of the interesting flowers in the Kaufmann Gardens.

Out to lunch on Preparation-day with Sister Diederich, Sister Wilson, Sister Lettig, and Sister Rogers.

One of Michelle's favorite homes in Liberty, MO, which we drive by each time we serve at the Historic Liberty Jail.

Out to lunch at an Indian Restaurant with Sister Halverstadt from Ohio and Sister Singh from Fiji.

 Sister Call, Sister Moon, Sister Ogletree, and Sister Zito sporting their dark glasses from Chick'fil'a.

We loved having Mike & Audra, Jordan, Tanner, Josh, and Kyle (left to right in this photo) visit us from May 21-24, 2013!

The Coleman boys playing around in the play room of the Independence Visitor's Center.

More playing around by Tanner!

 The Coleman Family at the Historic Liberty Jail.

Elder and Sister Pyne with the Coleman Family at Liberty Jail.

Fritz's Railroad Cafe delivers your meals by mini-trains on tracks that run above the tables.  With Tanner's love of trains, this meal out was a highlight for him.

Grandpa Pyne with the Coleman boys in Jamesport, MO, an Amish town close to Adam-ondi-Ahman in northwestern Missouri.

 Sister Pyne and Audra in Jamesport.

The Coleman Family near "preacher's rock" in Adam-ondi-Ahman, where Joseph Smith preached to the early Saints during the late 1830's in northern Missouri.

 The Coleman boys standing by a tree sculpture on the grounds of the Nelson-Atkin Art Museum.

Kyle on the left, Jordan on the right, by one of the many sculptures in the Country Club Plaza district.

Mike and Audra enjoying each other after a nice meal at the Cheesecake Factory in the Country Club Plaza.

The senior couples who serve at the Independence Visitor's Center and Historic Liberty Jail, after a nice meal together at the home of Elder and Sister Brenchley.

Sister Pugsley and Elder Pugsley making farewell remarks at a missionary meeting the final week of their mission.  We will miss the Pugsley's!  They welcomed, oriented, trained, and mentored us when we first arrived in the Missouri Independence Mission.  They also gave us two pages of things to do in the Kansas City area during our free time, which we have enjoyed exploring.

The sister missionaries who serve at the Historic Liberty Jail, including (left to right) Sisters Erikson, Spivey, Sibbet, Thurston, Forbush, Lewis, Castellano, and Smartt.

All the sister missionaries who serve in the Independence Visitor's Center and Historic Liberty Jail at a 7:30 am "Departure Breakfast" on May 29, 2013.  This transfer determined who stayed in the Missouri Independence Mission and who was transferred to the newly created Kansas Wichita Mission.

Sister Lettig and Sister Rogers currently serve in the Independence 1st Ward, so they are the sisters we most frequently team-up with to teach investigators within our ward boundaries.

Sister Zito from Draper, Utah.

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